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Sandwich Panels, Aluminum and Thermoplastics honeycombs and Foams

Сэндвич-панели и композитные материалы для кабин, канатных дорог и лифтов

Кабины и лифты могут изготавливаться из таких сверхлегких материалов как сэндвич-панели. Этот эстетически изысканный, с широким спектром отделки материал поставляется разрезанным по размеру, готовым для простой сборки.

A composite is a combination of materials with different properties. This combination gives the final object mechanical characteristics, i.e. lightness and strength superior to that of the individual materials.

For the creation of mobile mechanical structures, lightness and easy assembly are essential elements:

In more and more urban plans horizontal development replaced vertical one, block flats and skyscrapers replaced small buildings in order to exploit heights and to reduce land use. In this modern architectural development, lightweight materials are essential; therefore, also in the creation of cabins and elevators that can reach heights with speed and lightness

Their lightness facilitates installation and foster the reduction of transport costs and CO2 emissions end a quick and easy assembly speed up construction times. CEL supplies a wide range of fire tested and certified panels.

Lightness is the keyword in mobile mechanisms such as lifts, elevators, cabins, cable cars. Sandwich panels are used both to lighten structures and to avoid the imperfections of the junctions in coverings, ceilings and floors.

Finishes and Processing

Sandwich panels can be produced with custom-made finishes and processes and used both as roofing and as decorative panels. Tested and certified panels are also available for cabin and lift sector.

To meet the most demanding requests, CEL offers a variety of surface finishes; i.e mirrored, concrete, marble, HPL and more. CEL is pleased to test solutions on request to develop customized products, complete with edging, shaping and inserts.

The minimum panel thickness available is 3-4 mm, the maximum depends on the required processes, such as cutting and squaring.

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