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Sandwich Panels, Aluminum and Thermoplastics honeycombs and Foams

Aluminium or polycarbonate honeycomb to control peripheral light

Aluminium honeycomb core is used as grid in front of spotlights in order to trap the peripheral light in all directions and to limit glare.


Cel Components produces anti-glare systems for LED lights. The Aluminium or polycarbonate honeycombs can be used as a grid in front of the reflectors and lamps to contain the peripheral light and avoid glare.

Each item is custom made, so sizes, colours and shapes can be requested.

The honeycomb is usually supplied with a diameter of 3.8mm or 6mm, both of which are effective for this purpose. The smaller diameters limit the flow of interfering reflections.

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Custom made

Slices with minimum thicknesses made of aluminium or black polycarbonate are also available.


Different colours are available to be selected by the customer. It is also possible to request titanium dioxide paints, which are particularly appreciated in interiors as they help preserve the health of the environment.

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